01 Feb

Red Green – e-Commerce in a Box

After selling Versatilia Ltd in 2010, I had time to consider what really made me tick.  For 15 years, I’d developed and sold e-commerce websites, features for e-commerce websites and advice on e-commerce.  In 1997 I built Aria‘s first ever e-commerce site, and by 2010 I’d developed a large scale e-commerce system for the promotional products industry, supporting over 900 websites in many countries, languages and currencies, taking over $15m per year in orders.

So it was a natural step to take that experience and build e-commerce sites not for a fixed fee, but for a share of profit.  Bear in mind that a full online shop setup can take hundreds of hours and a lot of ongoing investment, meaning that by taking that risk, I would be literally betting my experience against the rest of the world.

Red Green Ltd takes this idea one step further – offering people with experience and contacts in a specific industry the chance to use their skill and experience without having to fully understand how to set up a website, online marketing and a business, because Red Green will provide all of that in an easy to use form – it’s your online shop in a box.