19 Nov

We’re hiring! Senior LAMP Software Engineer, remote or Lancashire

Salary: 35-45k, based remotely or at our office in Burnley, Lancashire

What you are looking for:

  • you want more control over your work, and to see the value you add to customers
  • you want to work on a variety of systems, languages, applications
  • you’re able to learn new languages and frameworks quickly
  • you want a job with purpose, a career path and a schedule that fits your life

What we do for you:

  • Career options – there will be opportunities in the next few years for an architect, project manager, dev-ops engineer and development team manager as the business grows
  • Flexible working – whether you need a 4-day week or time for the school run, we can plan your working hours around your life
  • Weekly gym session with our favourite trainer (or equivalent, for remote workers)

What we do for our customers:

  • Architecture – we help agencies and direct clients get from rough ideas to clearly defined technical solutions
  • Difficult problems – we take on problems that need empathy, resilience, and technical  aptitude to solve interesting and difficult problems
  • B2B e-commerce – pricing matricies, integrating with unusual ERP systems, and tricky tax calculations are everyday occurences
  • Integration – connecting systems together takes a lot of forethought, talking to customers, and interpreting specifications that might not quite match reality. It’s a real test of solid code, quality engineering and the odd moment of genius.
  • Data migration – people often end up in a pickle with data, having a ton of information which might not be fully accurate, useful, complete, or up to date.  We often write scripts or processes to help clients get their product, order and stock information up to scratch

How we do it:

  • Follow our mantra, “Zero Bugs” – we’ll analyse anything that goes wrong, stops us being effective, or causes extra work. We try to figure out how it happened, what we need to do now, and what we can do better in future.
  • Listen – we’re open to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things
  • Schedule – interruptions are the enemy of productivity, so we plan blocks of quiet, uninterrupted time in advance
  • Automate – habits automate people, code automates procedures

You must have four of the following:

  • Demonstrable knowledge from a Degree or similar level qualification with a strong maths element – eg. computer science, physics, engineering, economics or maths
  • Knowledge of several modern development tools – eg. git, grunt, unit testing
  • Two or more PHP frameworks/apps eg. Zend, Laravel, Magento, WordPress, Drupal
  • Familiarity with Unix command line tools
  • Experience with a low level language like C or assembler
  • Good working knowledge of at least two popular programming languages
  • Thorough knowledge of Linux server setup for LAMP apps

Email john at getjohn . co . uk describing how you meet the above, why you believe the job is right for you, and either attach a CV or include a link to your LinkedIn profile, if it covers everything you’d put on a CV.