25 Sep

Communicating Your Worth to Customers for Small Business Owners

I recently read a superb article about communicating your value by Carrie Foster.  Carrie is a management development coach and writes insightful articles about how to get the best out of individuals in an organisation, and this article was aimed at employees who want to get more out of their jobs.

I got thinking about how the same principles apply to small business owners, skilled people who are learning how to turn a skill into a steady, healthy income.

“Surely that’s just called sales?” I hear you saying…

The most striking thing about Carrie’s article is that it doesn’t mention the S word. This is important because you are not a sales person – you’re a designer, a programmer, engineer, teacher, consultant, plumber, joiner. Read More

27 May

Get Your Spark Back; Do Something Completely Different

A very perceptive lady once told me, at a difficult time in my life, “If things aren’t going the way you want them to, change something.” It sounds obvious, but those words stuck with me – the key point being that I needed to change something, not just mope around hoping something would change.

I recently had, thanks to that wedding and a few bank holidays, an 11 day break from work. It was great to stop and relax for a while, but I hadn’t properly planned for it work-wise. Although I was able to keep my customers happy, I still ended up with a mountain of overdue tasks. Worse still, I felt unable to tackle the mountain and completely lacking in inspiration and drive, despite being in the most rewarding and exciting time ever in my career. Read More