21 Apr

Get Off Benefits and Get Back To Work

That title is likely to evoke strong feelings in almost anyone.  Don’t judge yet, just read!

I think I understand both sides of this based on a variety of experiences; being brought up in a regular middle class family, then meeting a new set of people for whom working was unusual, then going through a year or two of depression and finally becoming an employer.

I’m inspired to write because this morning the news is focussing on the two million incapacity benefit claimants and how the government wants to get as many of them back to work as possible.  I thought “surely there are paying jobs that anyone with a basic grasp of maths and english, a computer and an Internet connection can do?”  I’m writing this to help me explore that idea and to inspire me to come up with solutions (so really, I don’t care if nobody reads it).

So why aren’t more people working?  Here are some examples that, if you have never known any of these people, should open your eyes: Read More