30 Jan

I’m hiring! DevOps / Web Developer, £30-35K, East Lancashire

I’m looking for a talented Linux-friendly software and dev-ops engineer, who will work closely with me on a wide variety of systems to create, fix and maintain website-related software.

You may have thought about starting your own business or going freelance, and here you’ll have the opportunity to learn the business skills you’ll need.  You’ll gain commercial knowledge to complement your sharp technical skills, working closely with experienced engineers from hardware and software backgrounds.

The work has a strong focus on e-commerce, covering website design through to warehousing and shipping.  We work closely with customers, forming robust partnerships that deliver value to both sides.

You’ll either be educated to degree level or have several years experience in a hands-on highly technical role.  You should have a high standard of written English and Maths, with attention to detail even when under pressure.

You will have worked with multiple languages and object-oriented code, and will have the ability to quickly pick up new languages, new technologies and environments. You will be very familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, the LAMP stack (with your choice of P’s), SQL, DNS, and have strong Linux command-line and server configuration skills.

Technologies range from WordPress and Magento based websites, through Mobile apps to embedded systems, with a strong focus on PHP/Perl/Python and C#.NET systems.

Starting Salary: £30-35k depending on skill and experience.
Location: East Lancashire

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